The business idea is there – but there are no skilled IT personnel to implement it. According to Bitkom, the German digital industry association, six out of ten IT companies say that there is currently a shortage of IT specialists. Every second company expects the skills shortage to get worse in future. The Federal Employment Agency also confirms that the demand for skilled IT personnel is currently at its highest level. There is a shortage of qualified software developers in particular. The lack of software experts is causing German IT companies to lose out in terms of ability to compete and market share compared to other countries.

what we do

We support your software projects with our nearshoring capacity.    


Do you have a brilliant idea for a new application but no resources to try it out? Talk to us! We can produce a prototype for you in four to a maximum of eight weeks on a fixed-price basis.

developer capacity

A shortage of IT development capacity is one of the main brakes on more sales and growth for small- and medium-sized IT enterprises and start-ups in Germany. This is where we come in. We can provide exactly the right IT specialist for your requirements. And we can do so for as long as you need the respective know-how. We thus become your extended workbench with our highly specialised experts.

modernisation of existing applications

Do you wish to convert your existing application to the web, for example? Do you need to enhance with a mobile app? Or do you need a better user frontend? No problem – we would be happy to take on these jobs for you. Our development work is based on your development and documentation standards.

New applications

 We will implement your application ideas – from the consultation and feasibility study all the way to final implementation. Be it app development, app architecture or performance optimisation, our services will reduce your time to market substantially.

our concept

Our first-rate software developers and architects are awaiting your projects in our nearshore centres in Russia and Belarus. Not only do the skilled personnel in these countries have specific know-how in relational, object-oriented and mobile applications in a wide variety of development environments (Java, .NET, etc.) and databases, they also have experience in areas including big data, the internet of things, integration and analytics. We would be happy to support you with the careful integration of nearshoring projects in your company. If required, we will visit you with our IT experts so that your team can get to know them, compare notes and have their questions answered.


How you benefit from Nearshoring

  • Rapid access to highly trained experts
  • Speedy implementation of your requirements to high standards of quality
  • Flexible team assembly based on the required know-how
  • Local point of contact in Germany
  • The client receives IP rights
  • In the event of direct contact with the developers: small time difference, cultural proximity and pragmatic knowledge transfer to the client enterprise


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